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The 'Wellness Toolbox' by, Mary Ellen Copeland:

What is a Mental Wellness Toolbox? Well, basically it is a toolbox where wellness tools are kept. It is not a (necessarily) a physical toolbox (even though it can be); It is a proverbial toolbox, where wellness tools you have identified, are kept. According to Mary Ellen Copeland's Website, "The following list includes the tools that are commonly used to stay well and help relieve symptoms:

Self-Care does not have to be costly. It does need to revolve around what helps YOU to feel (and be) the best versions of yourself.

Let's face it: We won't always be on top of the world, and that is okay! It is okay to not be okay. Not being okay can become dangerous when we allow ourselves to remain in statuses of disrepair.

Sometimes, we may need medications added, adjusted or removed. Other times, we may need to adjust our diets. There are numerous stressors (triggers) that can be the reasons we face mental health struggles. The good news is that you aren't alone, and you do have people you can speak with regarding the throws of life.

You can always contact Shareevolution to talk with someone. You should call/text 988 in a mental health crisis.

Please do not suffer in silence. Needing support for your mental health is just as important as needing to go to your primary care physician. Physical health is mental health.


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