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Updated: Apr 12, 2022

SHARE began as a idea and has grown into a reality. As a social worker I have a passion for advocacy and education. I find that the barriers that lead to healthy living can seem overwhelming and sometimes you just don't know what you just don't know. The journey to healing begins with support from yourself and others and often in society we compare, judge and misinterpret the actions of others. We believe that their actions are a reflection on us rather than a reflection on them. Our past experiences lead us to thoughts and emotions that can be confusing, depressive and dysregulating to our system. So why SHARE? Because we are not alone, everyone has emotions and thoughts as well as positive and negative experiences. Owning our story, reaching out for support, allowing others to journey with us means that sometimes we carry the burden and other times we allow others to assist with that burden, whether that be emotionally, physically or spiritually. Take the SHARE challenge with us! Support, Heal, Advocate, Reduce barriers and Educate yourself and others. Happy travels.

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